About B2B Startup Sales

This newsletter is for

  1. Founders who are stuck with sales work but don’t have expertise

  2. Sales professionals who are new to startup land

  3. Others hungry for analytical sales writing


Founders almost ways need to take part in their startup’s sales sales efforts, but most of them don’t what they are doing. They might find salespeople sheisty or shallow, or their methods inscrutable. One way or another, this puts their companies in peril.

Sales professionals who aren’t familiar with startups are likely to bring the wrong tools and plans to the early-stage table. They need to adapt to this brave new world if they want to succeed.

Why Me?

I can explain what you need to know in terms you can respect, understand, and put into practice.

First, since most sales content is recycled, vapid, and useless, it helps to have a rigorous and experienced professional sort through the noise to find the signal. Also, many founders are brainy and need smart explanations to take things seriously. To those ends, I’ve got a JD, with Honors, from Harvard Law School. You won’t find a lot of sales executives with higher intellectual standards.

Also, most salespeople don’t know how founders or executives think. I do. I spun a company out of MIT and raised millions of dollars and have been an executive part of early stage organizations ever since.

I’m also quite good at B2B sales from top to bottom.

Content Cadence

I will email you every new edition of the newsletter as I generate content. I am aiming for one to two think-pieces per week, but I will be guided by quality and usefulness, not quantity. You don’t need more trash in your inbox.

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